Have a ‘Better For You’ Pancake Day with NO Palm Oil!

Sweet Freedom’s CHOC POT is super smooth, delicious tasting and perfect for a ‘better for you’ pancake day.  Simply spread onto your pancake and enjoy the sweet-tasting pleasure without any of the guilt.

CHOC POT contains 75% less fat and half the calories of the leading chocolate spread, and importantly, contains NO controversial palm oil.

With recent news reports suggesting that palm oil could pose health risks, Sweet Freedom CHOC POT is the obvious all-natural choice.

Rather than refined sugar, Sweet Freedom sweeten all their products with their own Great Taste Award winning FRUIT SYRUP made from 100% fruit.

CHOC POT tastes amazing spread on pancakes, toast, oatcakes, rice cakes and crumpets, as well as making an excellent icing and filling for ‘better for you’ cakes.

All Sweet Freedom products are vegan and free from dairy, gluten, nuts and GMOs. They are all produced here in the UK with NO chemical processing, NO additives and NO preservatives.

Sweet Freedom CHOC POT chocolate spread launches in Asda on the Free From shelf now.

You can find out more about Sweet Freedom here: Website / Instagram / Twitter / Facebook.

Running says:

We have had the pleasure of trying the new addition to the Sweet Freedom collection. For the sake of accuracy, we had an early pancake day just to make sure the spread really did taste as good as the company claims. We can confirm; it does! It is very sweet and as a result of the natural, healthy ingredients, we enjoyed it even more. While the pancakes might not have been the healthiest option, we then tried it on rice cakes and it was delicious. If you’re a fan of the collection of Sweet Freedom products, you’ll find recipes and ideas on their website.