Healthy chocolate brand Cocoa+ has been on a mission to create milk chocolate that is lower in sugar but also provides health benefits with the same great taste as a luxury milk chocolate brand!

It is commonly known dark chocolate is the healthier choice when it comes to chocolate containing less fat and sugar well now milk chocolate can be too! Reap the perks of the whey protein, the amino acids provided are essential to promote lean muscle development.

Introducing Cocoa+ Milk Chocolate using 40% cocoa with half the sugar of regular milk chocolate and quality whey protein sourced from grass fed cows.

Cocoa+ products do not contain vegetable oils such as Palm oil and Shea butter (which most other milk chocolate brands use) using high quality Cocoa butter instead – a natural good fat.

Each large bar contains 19g of protein (4 x more than a regular milk chocolate brand) keeping you fuller longer and putting a stop to sugar cravings!

Price: High Protein Milk Chocolate: £2.99 per 70g bar / High Protein Milk Chocolate £7.99 x3 70g bars

Cocoa+ products can be found on Ocado, Holland & Barrett and online