Anti-inflammatory eggs

We all know the protein power of eggs, and hopefully you’re well aware that the myth of eggs raising blood cholesterol has now been well and truly debunked. But you may not know that eggs also deserve a superfood status due to their high content of the B vitamin choline, a powerful anti-inflammatory.

In fact, studies have found that people with a higher intake of choline in their diet have lower levels of inflammation. But don’t skip the yolks as this is where the choline is stored.

Five innovative ways with eggs:

  1. Bake an egg in half an avocado and sprinkle with chilli and fresh coriander
  2. Serve poached eggs over a lean mince hash
  3. Make a sweet potato, red onion and courgette frittata
  4. Whip up some high-protein egg, cottage cheese and banana pancakes for breakfast
  5. Use up stale bread by soaking in milk, beaten eggs and a little cinnamon, and then lightly fry and serve with berries and Greek yogurt