TREK has launched a range of ‘TREK Chunks’ designed for grazing and eating on-the-go, these delicious bite size-chunks are packed full of protein and powerful wholefood ingredients that deliver sustained energy when you need it most.

They will be available from late February 2017 from the website and in Asda at RRP £1.15.

The new range of TREK Chunks features 3 flavours, each cold-pressed, vegan-friendly and 1 of your 5 a day to give the ultimate blast of energy. Choose from the rich cocoa-infused Cocoa Peanut Peak, creamy Toffee Triumph and zingy Cranberry Kick.

Running Says:

These are, quite literally, ‘chunks’ that are easy to fit into a pocket or easy to add to a small rucksack for a day out on the trails. The flavours are delicious and having a small ‘hit’, packed with wholefood ingredients does give an energy boost without being too filling.