PhD Nutrition have announced the launch of the brand new Diet Whey bar, part of their category leading Diet Whey range and hot on the heels of the record-breaking Smart Bar.

Now 30% bigger at 65g, the new Diet Whey Bar now contains a delicious layer of caramel running through the soft centre, as well as protein crispies in the dough to give a greatly improved taste and texture.

The bar replaces the existing Diet Whey Bar, but still has less than 200 calories with under 2g of sugar and contains 20g of protein per bar, including category king whey protein. 

All new Diet Whey Bars are available in five flavours; Choc Peanut Butter, Dark Choc Mocha, Double Choc Brownie, Triple Choc Cookie and Salted Caramel, ensuring there is something to suit all lovers of chocolate and indulgence.

Retailing at £2.49 for a 65g bar, Diet Whey bar is a great on the go solution for those wanting to ensure clean macros, whilst not sacrificing their training and lean body goals.

For more information, please visit the website.