PhD Nutrition, recognised for creating and delivering performance-driven, intelligent nutrition, continues to raise the bar by announcing the launch of a new range of “need-state” pre-workout powders designed to satisfy the demands of the existing and new user.

The background to this project is simple- the pre-workout market is massively confusing and the only innovation in the market appears to be “stronger is better” and this must mean “more effective”. This is not the PhD way and nor is it the reason that pre-workout products were created. They were created to help consumers achieve a better result from their training and perform better. Research showed PhD that consumers use a pre-workout for four reasons/needs:

  • To help give more energy
  • To help burn fat better
  • To help get a better muscle pump
  • To help them perform better/recover faster during a workout, between sets/bouts of exercise.

This “light bulb” moment allowed PhD to strip apart the “all in one” pre-workout that tries to deliver on everything and fails on them all and deliver to the market three individual pre- workout products:

  • BURN, to burn fat more effectively and increase the intensity of workouts.
  • PERFORM, to perform better, be stronger for longer and be more explosive.
  • PUMP, to get a better pump and flood muscles with nutrients to build muscle.

PhD Pre-Wkt BURN is aimed at those looking for a stimulant-based pre-workout that focuses on fat burning and intense workouts. It is a high intensity, fat metabolising pre-workout, ideal for individuals that train early in the morning, who are looking to increase thermogenesis (burning body fat for fuel).  BURN contains TeaCrine®- a nootropic stimulant which in conjunction with caffeine elevates energy levels without a crash or jitters and improves focus and concentration. As well as TeaCrine® BURN also contains BCAAs, L-Glutamine, L-Carnitine and CLA alongside Ornithine to increase the effectiveness of Caffeine.


PhD Pre-Wkt PERFORM is for those looking for optimal performance in or outside the gym, whether that means increasing strength, power or endurance. For those that want a pre-workout to help them lift heavier, row faster, be more explosive or simply just recover quicker between sets, then PhD Pre-Wkt PERFORM is the product they need. Focusing on energy regeneration and strength alongside lactic acid buffering, PERFORM contains fully dosed levels of Creatine which has been shown to increase physical performance during short term, high intensity, repeated exercise bouts. Research-driven, it also includes Peak O2™, a brand new blend of six organic-certified adaptogens which after use for 21 days shows significant improvements in VO2 max, ventilatory threshold, time to exhaustion (TTE) and peak power- crucial parameters to maximize performance in nearly any athlete.


PhD Pre-Wkt PUMP is caffeine-free and is aimed at body builders looking for an optimal muscle pump in the gym in pursuit of muscle building and physique goals. The purpose of muscle pump is to encourage better blood and nutrient flow to the muscle, which creates a greater anabolic (muscle building) opportunity. Caffeine has been shown to be detrimental to the muscle pump, which is why this product is caffeine-free. PhD Pre-Wkt PUMP contains Oxystorm™ an extract of red spinach which contains more than 50 times the amount of nitrate than beet juice, as well as containing Citrulline malate, Arginine AKG and Betaine alongside Norvaline, Taurine and Vitamin C.

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