It’s carbs that fuel you predominantly on race day, so it’s important to eat carbohydrate-rich foods leading up to your run. We recommend 100g of carbohydrates for an evening meal, such as pasta or potatoes, avoiding excess, fat, fibre and spicy food. On the morning of the race, have a carb-based breakfast such as toast or cereal three hours before the start of the race.
Most of us have enough carbohydrates stored in our bodies for 90 minutes of exercise, so for the race itself you will need an additional intake. We’d recommend 2-3 SiS GO Isotonic Energy Gels per hour of the marathon and then a SiS GO Energy + Double Caffeine Gel one hour before the end of the race to provide a boost as you approach the finish line.

A runner can lose up to two litres of fluid an hour when running in warm conditions, so starting your race fully hydrated is essential to your performance. Sipping on SiS GO Electrolyte before and during the race will mean that you’ll be fully hydrated. Aim to replace 500ml-1000ml of fluid per hour depending on your sweat rate.
Nutritional Routine
It’s important to practice your nutritional routine. In the final weeks of training, consider what works well for you and don’t do anything new in terms of nutrition on race day. Measure what levels of carbohydrate and water that you’re comfortable with while running and then stick to these amounts on the day to avoid unexpected discomfort or dehydration.
The first 30 minutes after the race has finished is the most important for recovery. It’s essential to start the recovery process immediately and drink plenty of water to rehydrate. SiS REGO Rapid Recovery will give you 20g of protein and 23g of easily-absorbed carbohydrate to help your muscles recover while WHEY20 can give you 20g of protein, making it useful for a quick, on-the-go fix. Have a balanced meal when you get home and include SiS GO Hydro to replace fluid and electrolytes lost through sweat. It’s also worth taking in protein the night before and on the night of the race to ensure your muscles are in a good condition, SiS Overnight Protein is a slow digesting protein that works while you’re sleeping. 

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