Crowd funded fitness game ‘Run An Empire’ launches in the UK

We had Pokemon Go, now there’s a new location based game on the scene. Run An Empire has been gathering users in New Zealand and has now launched in the UK, exclusively for iPhone. The location-based strategy game encourages players to get out in the real world and compete against friends and neighbours.

Users to go head-to-head against other players in the real world as they race to capture, claim and build their own digital empire.

The game overlays a grid of hexagonal tiles on a real world map – with runners competing to capture the most “hexes”. A hex is owned by whoever runs (or walks, or jogs) through or around it the most. All runners play on the same map, meaning there is always a reason to go out and challenge a nearby rival.

Player milestones and achievements are celebrated with in-game rewards – new creatures and insignia can be unlocked, allowing players to construct their own personalised coat of arms. These coat of arms fly above each player’s empire, representing their status within the game.