Written by Ruth Pickvance

To enjoy your running you need to sustain a resilient, flexible and fit body. Overtraining, over-racing and a resistance to making changes, we often run ourselves to injury.

Our training day on the 25th March is about taking a look at ourselves as runners and how we attend to our bodies and support ourselves to injury-free running. A combination of indoor and outdoor sessions with four specialists including a physiotherapist specialising in running injuries, the day aims to make you more aware of the joy of running and the importance of balancing and supporting your running to enhance the joy.

Based in the Black Mountains near Crickhowell, the day is aiming to get you to think more ‘holistically’ about your body. We also look at the mental approach and unhelpful pitfalls we all fall into which often lead us up the one-way street to injury.

Ruth Pickvance, founder and director of Element and herself a former international level runner says, “This is a day for ALL running abilities and for both men and women. It is a non-competitive day and you work at your chosen level. You’ll find a relaxed but focused atmosphere and I hope happy positive challenge. It’s fun, thought-provoking and interesting and it should ultimately improve your running and enjoyment of your running. I actually think it’s a really important approach to incorporate if you love running. And it’s really good value and a lot cheaper than repeated trips to a physiotherapist!”

For full information and online booking please visit: https://element-active.co.uk