Written by Michelle Yates

Almost 8000 runners gathered bright and early on Sunday morning at one of the most spectacular sea fronts we have in the South of England.

Yes; it was The Grand Brighton Half Marathon and what a day for it. Perfect weather conditions and clear blue skies. We were winning already!

I stood in my pen at 0920 hrs waiting for the countdown and the excitement was overwhelming. There were first time half marathon runners, elite runners, and everyone in between, but we were all in it together. My pen was a long way away from the elite runners, but we’re all winners of our own personal running journey and that always makes me smile.

One of the first announcements I heard was about the importance of looking out for each other on the course and to help each other when needed. That team spirit and comradery are what I love most about events and it was clear that it was at the heart of the organisation which is what makes The Grand Brighton Half Marathon so special.

We were off. Starting with a hill to get us all warmed up. Little did I know by the time we got up the hill and back down again we were nearly halfway.

The halfway point was nicely marked for me by spotting a dinosaur. It brought a big smile to my face too. As tired as I was, I couldn’t imagine how they felt. Scoobie Doo must have covered double the distance running around collecting money, doing his bit for charity. Everyone has their own goals and to achieve one of mine surrounded by people on their own unique journey is a privilege like no other.

The last half of the course meant a sea view all the way to the end. What better way to finish a race?

Whether you are working towards your first or fifteenth half marathon, The Grand Brighton Half Marathon is the perfect setting and the perfect route. The organisation was incredible with regular photographers ready to capture every moment.

I loved every minute of the day. Thank you for a very special Sunday.


Go to brightonhalfmarathon.com for more on the race, join the Facebook page facebook.com/BrightonHalfMarathon and follow @BrightonHalf on Twitter.