This month saw the launch of Brooks’ new endorsement initiative, plus new shoes for runners – Running went to the launch and found out what it’s like to be a superstar!

BrooksAn overnight stay in Spain was enough to tempt Running to Brooks’ new launch this month – obviously the guaranteed sun was a factor but we were also intrigued to find out what they had to say, having not really made any big moves for quite some time now.

We landed in Malaga and went straight to the business hotel for lunch then launch – so-far so-normal. SVP of International and Apparel Operations at Brooks, Hamish Stewart, announced to the room that they were signing Marcus Something-or-Other as their newest endorsed athlete. Much confusion ensued as none of us had heard of this man. But that’s just it – he is a normal runner, not an elite, and the whole idea is that Brooks want to support ALL runners and give them the support that an endorsed athlete would get. Simply sign up at and they will help you with training plans, tips and help for improving your running.

BrooksHand-in-hand with this, goes the new Glycerin 15 shoe, which is designed to adapt to your own foot, giving you that made-to-measure feel, like a real superstar athlete.

And it didn’t stop there – so that we could all feel what it’s like to be an endorsed athlete, Brooks gave us all our own pair of Glycerins, plus kit, and whizzed us off in a limo to a gorgeous country hotel, where a helicopter was waiting to take us up a mountain so that we could run back down. What an incredible experience! And the shoes are pretty good too… we’ll be reviewing in full when we’ve had a chance to do a few more miles in them.


For more information about Brooks, please visit their website.