Launch of new ‘marathon’ supplement collection aimed specifically at endurance runners

Seasoned competitors and fun-runners alike tackling an endurance event this year have new support at hand thanks to sports nutrition specialists Nutrition X, who have launched a brand new Marathon Collection of supplements aimed specifically at improving the performance of distance runners.

With nutrition forming a key part of any training regime when it comes to endurance running, Nutrition X wanted to make it as easy as possible for runners to find supplements to aid their training efforts; collating key nutrition products into one easy, single-purchase bundle. Importantly, each product contained in the bundle is Informed-Sport certified, meaning competitive runners can be safe in the knowledge that each supplement is WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) compliant.

Specifically focussed around boosting energy, hydration and promoting muscle recovery, Nutrition X’s Marathon Collection product bundle can be purchased here and includes:

Energel+ (24 x 50g)

This fast-acting carbohydrate gel gives you energy when you need it the most, perfect as a pre-run energy-booster or fatigue-fighting pick me up when you’re several miles in.  The gel itself contains key electrolytes including sodium, potassium and magnesium, and can help to aid hydration when taken with additional fluids; thus preventing exercise-related muscle cramps that can cause real problems to runners tackling an endurance event. The gels also work to improve concentration and alertness thanks to the ‘rush’ of carbohydrate they provide – helping you keep that all important focus- and come in handy 50g sachets to be taken 1-2 times per hour during exercise. Learn more.

Hydra 10 (1 x 500g)

Lack of hydration can severely impact performance during a distance run, with good hydration vital pre, during and post-run to avoid the detrimental effects that dehydration can have, on both energy and recovery. Hydra 10 helps to counteract just this; a uniquely formulated oral rehydration solution in a tasty apple or blackcurrant flavour, designed to promote rehydration before, during and after exercise. Containing both carbohydrate and key electrolytes, Hydra 10 also contains additional B-vitamins and magnesium, helping to reduce the chance of muscular cramping. Learn more.

Maximum Recovery Matrix (1 x 2kg)

Distance running can put real stress on the muscles, as well as using up vital carbohydrate stores. Maximum Recovery Matrix is designed to aid the recovery process, reducing the risk of injury and helping to keep you race-ready when you need to be. Containing a combination of whey protein concentrate, carbohydrate, amino acids, glutamine and leucine, MRM works to promote and enhance muscle protein synthesis, whilst boosting hydration to reduce muscle stress at the same time. Best taken post-run, MRM comes in a tasty chocolate or strawberry flavour. Learn more.

Xplode (12 x 60ml)

Best taken up to 20 minutes before a run, Xplode has been formulated to boost energy, concentration and stamina; ideal for long-distance training runs or as a pre-race pick-me-up to maximise your running performance on the day. Taken in handy 60ml ‘shots’, Xplode contains a unique combination of amino acids and vitamins along with caffeine and taurine to act as a great energy-booster, also containing zero fat and sugar. The addition of acetyl-carnitine also acts as a catalyst for potential fat burning, too. Learn more.


The Marathon Collection is priced at £89.99 (a £38 saving compared to purchasing included products individually) and available to purchase on the Nutrition X website here.